Mission & History of Wildcrete International LLC


The mission of Wildcrete International LLC (WILLC) is to provide a sustainable, disaster-proof, high energy-efficiency building system which is available to and affordable for all, from blue-collar housing to industrial complexes.

WILLC is built upon the goals of instilling the principles of co-operatives and encouraging service to others, with people helping people for mutual growth and benefit, individually and collectively.

WILLC’s intent is to create jobs and business opportunities for a wide spectrum from individual entrepreneurs to corporate entities.

Early History:

From 1979 to present, we have gone about developing off-the-grid home, water and power systems along with developing a sustainable, disaster-proof construction system. This has evolved through decades in the property damage disaster assessment business.

The seeds of WILLC’s eventual emergence were planted in Alaska in 1979, with the vision of a group of like-minded people joining together for developing a living, recreational and business co-operative.

Pro-active efforts at starting a business co-operative centered around self-sufficiency, sustainable housing began in the late 1980’s with our introduction to monolithic domes in Emmett, Idaho. In the early 1990’s while located in Salmon, Idaho this research and experimentation expanded to earthship, strawbale and a number of other sustainable home types.

The founder started working in the property damage assessment industry in 1970 via insurance adjusting. This grew to specialization in catastrophe adjusting with the advent of Hurricane Hugo in 1989 through Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma in 2005. Extensive experience was accumulated in assessing property damage in all types of construction in residential to commercial structures with damages up to millions of dollars per building. Through hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and tornados, we recognized the great need for disaster resistant structures. Our wildfire work experience also emphasized the need for fire resistance.

Though we have evolved multiple construction systems knowledge and ideas, the present 3-D panel system, shotcreted with a special aerated cementitious material, is the system on which Wildcrete International LLC is built. We have had a very favorable reception from the insurance industry to our design and system, not only for new construction, but for retrofitting existing buildings to “harden” them against disaster perils.

Current Activities:

Our prototype house is under construction in Branson, Mo. We are gearing up for our retrofitting system in our Wildcrete Southeast Division in south Florida. We are working with professors at a university in Monterrey, Mexico, South Dakota School of Mines and Montana Tech on our Wildcrete cement product and on bone shaped fibers for concrete reinforcement. We are building a bone shaped fiber production plant in Hamilton, Mt. We are preparing to bid Wildcrete System construction projects in Montana. We are starting to train Mt. contractors interested in building with this system.