Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete is one of the most desired applications for almost any aspect of your home. With such a huge variety of colors and textures to choose from, you can make any project a custom one of a kind. Decorative concrete has earned it’s popularity due to it’s ability to emulate anything, restore old or plain existing concrete surfaces, it’s ease of maintenance, etc..

Below are the decorative applications we specialize in:

Acid Staining

One of the most popular ways to give concrete a decorative accent is, simply, to stain it. Both new and old concrete can be stained, and stains can be combined for unique effects. While acid stains are irreplaceable tools for concrete artists, other stain options offer a broader range of colors and are easier to work with. They include water-based stains, water-based and solvent- based concrete dyes. Dyes are easier to work with and have a unique color finish, but don’t achieve the “marble” look as well as acid staining does.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are prized for their uniqueness, giving their customers a beautiful array of finishes. They are always custom-built, so they can reflect personal taste in color, pattern, shape, size and finish. If you want to be ahead of the design curve and still have one-of-a-kind, artisan-crafted kitchen counters, it’s time you learned about decorative concrete countertops – one of the hottest trends in the decorative concrete industry. From pre-cast to poured in place, or even thin/stamped overlay over existing countertops, this is a cost competitive option you need to explore before installing your countertop.


Engraving is a great method for scoring lines into concrete surfaces to mimic a multitude of designs. This method is also desired by customers, due to the fact that control joints can be disguised as part of an engraving pattern.

Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors have become a very common restorement for existing concrete floors. This system is utilized in residential, commercial, and industrial floors. There are a few types of epoxy finishes. One of the more popular is the epoxy flake system, most commonly installed on garage floors. This epoxy is a 2 part kit applied to your floor, followed by the broadcasting of colored chips for your custom look. Any base color can be acheived, as well as your chip colors. Another beautiful finish is colored epoxy applied over slabs, used to accent, tint, or enhance the surface beneath.


Using a proprietary blend of materials, Wildcrete makes 100% custom hand-crafted furniture incorporating concrete tops with local forestry timber, decorative metal, or decorative concrete table bases/leg assemblies. Each customer truely has “the only one of its kind” piece of furniture.


Concrete overlays, a modified cementituous formula, are designed to add a new and refreshing look to a substrate. They cover dull, drab surfaces that are otherwise poor candidates for decorative concrete staining and coloring. Applying an overlay provides a new look or a fresh, smooth surface that will deliver a clean, consistent color and appeal. Overlays can also make it unnecessary to tear out an existing slab, saving costs and headaches. Traditionally, overlays were cement-based, but these days, many overlay systems incorporate polymer resins, which provide flexural strength in variating climate changes. “Polymer-modified overlays” often offer better performance and wear resistance than cement-based overlays.


Years ago, polishing concrete was not considered a decorative option. Polishing was nothing more than a utilitarian way to harden and seal floors in commercial or industrial spaces. But times have changed. Polished concrete is environmentally friendly and it’s relatively easy to maintain, two attributes that have endeared it to people specifying decorative finishes for floors in restaurants, bars, stores and showrooms. Homeowners are catching on too. These days, polished concrete comes in a wide array of colors and patterns, and they can even be engineered to duplicate the look of stone. Polished concrete floors are smooth and dense, and they reflect a good amount of shine.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete has literally taken over the process of pouring and finishing a grey slab. Most people don’t like the idea of dulling the beautiful surrounding area with a plain concrete slab. Stamped concrete is the perfect alternative for that, with a multitude of realistic patterns and color options available to meet the customers standards. It’s great for adding a decorative finish around tree beds, flower beds, exposed foundations, etc.. This system is done by tamping textured mats into the wet concrete. An array of finishes are possible, such as simulate slate, flagstone, brick, wood planks, animal tracks, leaves,etc. and the list goes on and on. Stamped concrete be done completely original and custom. When combined with well-applied release agents, stains, and other pigmented products, stamped concrete can be indistinguishable from a more conventional surface, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Horizontal Stamped Concrete Photos

Vertical/Custom Concrete Photos


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